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How to Get More User-Generated Content for Social Media

Smartphones have made amateur photography and videography higher quality and more popular than ever before. Luckily for marketers, that means that your clients, fans, and guests are more likely to share photos of your brand online. These photos and videos can capture authentic moments, tell unique stories about your brand, and provide social validation of your product or experience.

How do you capture this user-generated content to use on your own channels? How do you find it in the first place? Here are some tips for successfully finding and using user-generated content (UGC) on your own social channels:  

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IGTV: The Next Gen Video

Lately it feels like every time I update the apps on my phone, I’m bombarded with something new. It feels like as soon as I get used to one update, the developers are rolling out another. While I’m all in favor of progress and innovation, it can get pretty overwhelming when one of the most-used apps of all time hits us with something totally different. I recently opened Instagram to see a new orange icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Surprise - another new thing!

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