Traditional Advertising remains relevant in today's digital age. Print, radio, and television still cast a wide net and can be effective channels to spread your message. Putting together an annual media plan is a formidable task for even the most seasoned veteran. Coordinating messaging and spend across a wide range of channels requires careful analysis of the targets demographics and the reach of each channel.

TPM has years of experience developing and executing campaigns on these mediums.  Working from your budget, target audience and message, we will assemble your media buy for you. Through an extensive network of established media relationships, our media buyers will place orders with the appropriate sources according to the plan. In an ongoing process, Thin Pig's media buyers constantly ensure that the correct advertisements are run as ordered and modify the buy based on changes in the media plan. As well, we work very closely with our partner, Blue Plate Digital to produce Television and Radio commercials, so your experience is seamless. Experience, know-how, and a well thought out, proven process ensure that we are able to maximize our clients' budgets and get them the most "bang for the buck."

Services Include:

  • Media Design analysis

  • Print

  • Radio

  • Television

  • Transit

  • Out of Home

  • Direct Mail

  • Asian Print