Digital advertising provides brands a cost effective way to reach new audiences with customized messaging. Our team’s expertise across all relevant platforms ensures your brand is able to drive awareness and conversions.

Display Advertising

With millions of websites, blogs, and news pages, display advertising reaches nearly all internet users. Robust targeting, keywords, demographics, and remarketing increases your reach and the frequency of impressions.

With increased ad format variety, display advertising now offers more creative ways than ever to reach the right audience with the right message. Retargeting ads allow you to connect with people that have visited specific pages on your website. Geo-targeted ads display to people who have entered or exited a specific geographic area. It is also can report back when a user who saw your ad enters your physical business.

Services include: targeting, ad design and creation, ongoing maintenance, optimization, and reporting.

Sojern & Adara Advertising

Sojern and Adara are ad networks focused on the travel industry. Using data from all of their partners, they identify travellers that are actively searching to book trips all across the world. They serve your ads across many related sites and integrate directly with many hotel websites to report on direct ROI from your campaigns. They have a minimum of $2,000/month in spend and recommend a minimum campaign length of 3 months to see best results.

Thin Pig will handle your entire Sojern or Adara campaign from planning, targeting, ad creation and ongoing optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of making a website more discoverable by search engines to drive organic traffic. Google makes over 500 changes a year to their search algorithm resulting in the need for ongoing diligent and artful management of best practices.

Thin Pig will work to optimize on-site and off-site SEO by performing title and meta description tag optimizations based on PPC and organic performance, monitoring performance of competitors for rankings and link profiles, creating tailored performance reports, and monitoring for brand mentions and link opportunities. 

Content Production

Content is at the very core of performing well in SEO as well as converting users on the site. The better and more content you have, the more keywords you can rank for and the more users trust your site. The amount of effort that goes into the production can vary based on the client’s needs each month and the type of content.

Content can include: rewriting page copy, stock or custom photography and videography, help writing/editing blog posts or white papers, designing infographics, existing content research and analysis.

Social Video Advertising

Social video advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provides a powerful and affordable tool to drive significant video views by using focused demographic and interest-based targeting and to generate engagement (comments, likes, and shares) by ensuring the targeted audience is comprised of viewers who will likely enjoy and share the video.

By designing campaigns with focused demographic and interest-based targeting, Thin Pig will ensure the video is seen by an audience of users who will not only watch the video but also engage with it (Likes and Comments) and share it to their own social audience.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube’s TrueView advertising platform provides multiple ad units which drive views on a channel’s video. Campaigns can use demographics, interest-based, and keyword targeting to present pre-roll videos (videos that auto-play before another video), promoted search results (top of search page), promoted suggested videos (right column of video page), and placement on third party content websites.

We believe that YouTube is a great fit for businesses because you have access to captivating visuals that can tell your story and suggest a lifestyle. As well, it allows you to drive brand impression at a scale that works for you. Video is known to increase engagement and information retention, so it is a great choice for brand building.

TPM will build out a YouTube campaign structure using your chosen video assets and desired targeting. We would analyze success across different audiences and videos to continually optimize campaigns for the best results. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a powerful tool for businesses to reach potential and current customers and drive sales. Leveraging responsive web design, thoughtful list management, A/B testing and more, email marketing can identify and engage your most valuable customers.

Our team creates engaging and attractive emails to save our clients time and money. By optimizing open and click-through-rates (CTR), we elevate the dialogue with your customer base.