Highlights from Sprout Partner Day 2017

Photo credit: Sprout Social

Photo credit: Sprout Social

Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” and that’s just how it felt when we met 100 of our newest agency friends on Sprout Partner Day at the Sprout Social headquarters in Chicago last week.

As a founding member of the Sprout Partner program, we were invited to mix and mingle with other partner agencies from across the globe, as well as sit in on sessions and workshops aimed at optimizing our agency’s social offerings and providing the best services to our clients.

At Thin Pig, Sprout Social is the social media management software we utilize to manage all of our clients' social media channels. It makes communicating with customers, as well as internal members on our own team, simple and productive. It’s a user-friendly interface with robust analytics, and great for any level business wanting to up its social media game.

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Sprout Partner Day was not only a day to learn more about Sprout Social as a company and as a product, it was also a fantastic opportunity to meet other agencies and exchange creative ideas with one another. While many of us could have viewed each other as competitors, that vibe was nowhere to be found in the room. Instead, many of us chatted about how our agencies were structured, how we utilized Sprout Social for our clients, and other hot social media topics. We were all genuinely excited to meet each other and talk about what worked for us. Not only did we learn a lot from meeting other agencies, but we hope we created friendships and partnerships with our colleagues in the field.

One of my favorite sessions during Sprout Partner Day was a talk about Twitter by Eric Martin (@ericmartinyc). As an avid Twitter user, I think many of us can agree that the network has had its ups and downs, but Eric emphasized that Twitter is “what’s happening now” and that truly does sum it up. While many think that Twitter may be going away or decreasing its market share, people are still going to Twitter for breaking news, trending topics, and customer service from brands, so it’s still important to have a presence on this network.

Eric also showed us how Volvo used Twitter during the 2015 Super Bowl. Sit back and prepare to be in awe of this brilliant campaign:

“Volvo Interception” by Grey New York

In addition to the Twitter talk, a few of the other topics included: “The Future of Social Media”; “Building Social KPIs for your Clients”; and "Best Practice from High-Performing Agencies.” I enjoyed each and every speaker’s session, and really appreciated their insight.

If you're a fellow partner reading this, please share your favorite happenings from Sprout Partner Day in the comments below. We'd love to hear what you thought!

We look forward to attending Sprout Partner Day 2018, as this year’s was truly “A Day for Partners to Grow Together.”