Lights, Camera, Action: Tips for Successful Videos on Social Media

It's no secret that videos are quickly taking over the social media world. Facebook alone states that it receives 8 billion video views daily. Videos are one of the quickest and most efficient ways of delivering information, while requiring very little 'work' from your audience. Almost every major social media channel has begun restructuring their platforms to better support videos - whether it's making adjustments to video length and formatting, or creating new editing features specific to that platform. Below are a few tips to have the most successful videos on social:

1. Setting

It's important to be aware of what will be showing in the background of your video. If anything is in focus besides the subject matter, you want to ensure it is relevant to the video and not distracting. If you're a business, solid backgrounds are recommended. Avoid white and off-white backgrounds as they can create reflections and glare.

2. Lighting

Videos are all about aesthetics. Having the proper lighting can make the difference between a captivating video and a dull one that gets overlooked. If you're featuring a person in your video, it's best to avoid overhead lights as those can create unwanted shadows. Instead, try placing three lights (also known as 3-point lighting) as shown in the example provided by below.


3. Audio/Sound

Unless you're layering audio over your video, you'll want to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear when filming. If you're recording on your mobile device and don't have access to fancy microphone equipment, you'll want to "deaden" the room by eliminating the possibility for sound to travel and echo off of walls. An easy and affordable way to do this is by hanging up a sheet or blankets on either sides of the person being filmed.

4. Always Back Up Your Footage

Even though you may have spent hours writing a script and planning your video, there's no denying the cinematic magic of improvised content. Keep the camera rolling as often as possible to ensure you've captured every angle and unique moment that you can later edit together for one cohesive story. Always remember to keep extra hard drives, SD cards, USB drives and other memory devices on hand to ensure you don't lose your content or run out of recording space!

By implementing these basic setup tips into your filming practices, your social media videos will have the appearance of a high quality production at a fraction of the cost. A clear environment, bright lightning, and a message that can be heard loud and clear will allow you to successfully reach your social media audiences again and again.

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