The Adventures of a Content Collector

As a digital marketing professional, every time I meet people on business travel, they’re shocked that my job is a job. Take this weekend, for instance. It was quite the adventure.

“No, really. I’m not joking. My current official duties are to travel to the Oregon coast, stay at a famously vibrant spa and resort in the forest, make the networking rounds with 400+ giant fluffy Newfoundlands, and take photos and videos of everything.”

They see the laptop with the Mario Bros decal. They see the crazy tech gadgets. They’ve met business travelers before. And as I nerd out about Facebook Live streaming and Snapchat geofilters, they see the travel, but they don’t always see business.

But managing social media for our clients is a 24/7 operation. So what part of our work is actually, you know, work?

Every time you see us out in the world with our phones outstretched, desperately trying to capture the perfect moment, there are countless moments you don’t see. For example, when we’re burning the midnight oil, typing on our laptops, and muttering about Facebook glitches and poor Wi-Fi connection.

So when we get the chance to visit a client on location, and better yet, to experience what they have to offer in real life, we take full advantage, using every device we have, capturing every little detail. You never know which photo, video, quote, or link will become an engaging post, a positive customer interaction, or a website conversion.

At Thin Pig, we’re professional storytellers. Most of our time is spent reading, writing, editing, and work-shopping. But visiting our clients for content collection is like the big movie shoot, when the stars are on set, the lighting’s just right, and the cameras start rolling.  Enjoy the show.

Piglet’s Adventure to the Oregon Coast

Piglet takes the train, whiling away the hours with competitor reports

Finally arriving at Salishan Spa & Golf Resort calls for drinks

This swine was doin’ fine, laid back at Salishan’s spa

This adventure brought to you by Lindsay, Misty, Danesha, and the whole wonderful team at Salishan

Conquest of the Newfoundlands

Salishan hosted the 2017 NCA Specialty, a week-long dog show featuring over 400 giant black Newfoundlands

This ain’t no minor puppy party

For attention-loving pooches, Salishan’s lobby was pure heaven

The grooming tent was basically social hour for people and dogs alike

The young adult Newfie in their natural habitat

Ruff life, am I right?

The paw that melted a thousand hearts

Alien Invasion

One of our favorite new toys is this 360-degree camera, which we mounted to a Gorilla tripod for all those hard-to-reach spots. Doesn’t it look like the creepy alien invaders from War Of The Worlds?

"Their Ship Crash-Landed Just Offshore!"

"Egads! Not The Whirlpool Too!"

"Watch Out Down Below!"

"It’s Okay, Everyone! They Come In Peace..."