How To Gain Focus After a Holiday Weekend

Sometimes the hardest thing to do after a glorious three-day weekends is to regain your focus and get back in work mode. As we return from celebrating the Independence of our great country, here are a few helpful tips to get your mind quickly focused.


1. Organize Your Desk (or work area)

Whether you work at a desk or from your couch, like us telecommuters, make sure everything is clean around you.  The more clutter there is the more distracted you will be. Keep things close by that will help you get your work done and put the rest away. 

2. Make a to-do list

How are you supposed to remember where you left off on Friday, when you return on Tuesday? A to-do list is the best way to get you back on track. Prioritize your tasks on this list by putting the most time sensitive or important tasks first. Don’t be afraid to break projects down into smaller tasks that are easier to get done.  

3. Be unreachable

That’s right…unreachable. That means turn off the cell phone, forward your calls to voicemail and stop your emails. I’m not recommending you do this for the entire day (your boss probably wouldn’t appreciate that). But this can be a very effective way to knock out important projects very quickly. All while being free from distractions. If you work in an office you can also tell your co-workers that you are going radio silent so they know this is an uninterrupted period of time. 

4. Stay Away From Social Media

I know, I know – we love social media too! This isn’t something we would recommend all the time. But when you are trying to get back on task after a long weekend, it is a great way to avoid a lot of distractions. Once you have been able to finish your to-do list get back to posting. 

5. Have Snacks and Water Near By

One of the easiest ways to be distracted is by a growling stomach. Make sure you set yourself up for success by having snacks and water available within arms reach. Healthy snacks will provide energy and will keep you properly fueled and on track throughout the day.

  6. Blast the Tunes

If you are like me you get extremely distracted and bored if there isn’t constant noise. One of the great things about working from home is that I can crank my music as loud as I want. If you don’t have that pleasure invest in a good pair of headphones, turn up the tunes and get to work!

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