Guaranteed Performance in Digital Advertising Campaigns? Yes!

There are so many things that go into driving revenue for your business.  You need to get people to sign up for your loyalty programs, book rooms, fill tables, enhance your product or service’s customer experience and so much more.  In order to do that, you need reliable digital media ad execution to drive people into taking those actions.  It is a grind and an ongoing challenge to be sure.

In my experience the most frustrating of these reasons for years has been the lack of results accountability in digital advertising campaigns.  The main issue has been that digital media has always been only about impressions and awareness.  For years I’ve been looking for a real answer to the lack of accountability of media in driving measurable actions and results.  After a lot of painstaking search and research, along with a healthy dose of good old fashioned trial and error, we now are able to offer digital advertising campaigns that achieve measurable results that hit your established key performance indicators (KPI’s).

We launched our Thin Pig Media “Guaranteed Performance Campaigns” (GPC’s) back in April and have already seen amazing results for our clients.

Now when you partner with Thin Pig Media you only pay for the results you get, making sure you are able to hit your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Guaranteed Performance Campaigns can target extremely specific locations, demographics, psychographics and past behaviors.  They use 1st party proprietary data and integrate that with attribution and offline data to reach the exact right person for your digital campaign.


There are four main types of GPC’s that we offer to help your hit your specific marketing objectives and KPI’s.

They are:

Surge Campaigns - Cost per visit to your website or microsite.  We can drive directly to any portion of the site including your sales info or landing page, loyalty club sign up page, room reservations pages and more.

Watch Campaigns - Cost per video view on your page, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.  We can get the right person to watch whatever video message you want not only in mass quantity but targeted at precisely the right demo.

Captivate Campaigns – Cost per defined action such as discount coupon/offer downloads, sweepstakes entries, etc.

Inspire Campaigns – Cost per defined lead (email, address, phone number).  In these cases we can help you target and direct entirely new segments of potential customers from a wide swath or directly from your competitors.


We’re really excited about the ability to bring something new and unique to the digital advertising space for our clients. 

Email me directly for with any questions you may have or to find out how your company can get started with a TPM Guaranteed Performance Campaign.