How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

Sometimes it is difficult to know how much our lives have changed until we stop and look at how different things are compared to five or ten years ago. Whether you like to admit it or not, social media plays a huge role in a lot of people's lives. Social media definitely is a major part of my daily life, and honestly, I couldn't imagine life without it. 

Without a doubt, the age of social media has changed us as a society. For the most part, it’s been a positive thing. Now, we can connect with people across the world at the click of a button. We can stay in touch with family and friends, keep on top of the latest news and connect with brands on a much more personal level. Here are a few areas in which social media has transformed the way we interact with one another.

1. Where We Get Our News

We no longer need to tune into the evening news to find out what’s going on in our communities and the world around us. Now we can monitor trending news and get instant updates directly through our social media channels. This has had the most impact to the millennial generation, of which 40% say they rely on digital outlets for their news.

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2. Stay Connected

The convenience of the internet gives us a sense of urgency to communicate with others. After all, sending a text, DM, email, or snap, only takes a matter of seconds. The amount of time that it takes to send out an instant message and receive a response back is extremely convenient making it the preferred form of communication today.

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3. Explore & Discover

Have you ever wondered what life is like in other cities or countries? In the past, you might have to do some research, read a book or watch a television program to discover other lands and cultures. Social media has made it possible to get an inside perspective with very little effort. In addition to getting a birds-eye view of other places, the live feed feature of social media has also broken down barriers and made it possible to virtually attend events around the globe.

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4. Broadcast Live Moments

Whether you’re attending a great concert or witnessing a serious incident, the ability to broadcast live events as they are happening has changed the game on social media and in our lives. On a lighter note, we can now share even more of our daily lives and experiences with those we care about. On the serious side of things, live broadcast has increased awareness and facilitated conversations about controversial topics. This will hopefully help to build momentum toward achieving positive change.

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In every era, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years, ours has been more impacted than anything else by social media. Social media is constantly changing and updating itself every day. I am beyond excited to see how it will be changing in the future and how it will affect my life in the long run.

Now that I am done typing this blog post, I guess I can go back to scrolling through my Instagram feed to get inspired for my next getaway!

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