There are numerous variations of digital ads these days including static images, animated GIFs, videos, 3-D, and VR. For the sake of time, let’s take a look at static banner ads and figure out how we can design these to maximize our click-through rate. On a screen, phone or computer, digital banner ads are essentially miniature billboards that assist in selling your business or product. When thinking about the concept or design of digital ads, you need to keep the previous mention in mind. The view time with each potential customer will be very brief. You need to catch their attention fast before they scroll past your ad and miss it completely.



According to the IAB, “Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from publisher or unpaid content on the page (for example an ad unit may have clearly defined borders so it is not confused with normal page content).” Since the majority of webpage backgrounds are white, using a colored background will help your ad stand out. We recommend using your brand color palette to create a consistent look among your advertising and design. Photos are another great way to draw attention to your ad. Be sure the photo is adding value and not just taking up space.



When writing copy for ads, you need to keep it simple. Your message should be short (5-10 words MAX!) and should have an enticing value proposition . These ads will be fairly small on screen so the design and layout should also be simple and easy to digest.

If you decide to use a photo make sure it is not full of intricate details and does not distract from your message.



You don’t just want customers to simply see your ad, you want them to TAKE ACTION on it. Having an intriguing call to action (CTA) along with a great value proposition will drive users to your website or landing page. This will be the most effective way to generate leads and increase revenue.



Many companies want their logo to be prominent and stand out in their advertising. However, in digital ads this should not be the main focus. Yes, it should be included but your value proposition and CTA should be the stars.

Let’s take a look at one of our digital ads and see how we’ve implemented the practices above. In the following ad we’ve created a bright yet simple background that will easily stick out on almost any webpage. The value proposition is short and easy to comprehend and there is a distinct call to action. Instead of using our full logo, we’ve taken only the pig tail and included it in the top corner. It is okay not to use the full logo within this specific ad because the content describes our business and once a customer clicks, they will be directed to our landing page that will clearly define our brand and who we are.

TPM-Digital-Advertising-Ads_300x250_rev-BLOG-POST (1).png

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