December Cheer Can Lead to Great and Easy Content

With Thanksgiving over, we move into December, a month filled with celebration throughout the world. With the majority of the U.S. celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah, it is an easy time to gather simple and reusable content for social media and your website. Don’t fret if no one at your company celebrates any of these holidays, you still have the winter solstice and New Years Eve! Special holidays are an important thing to remember when gathering content. Make sure to represent all of the holidays your team and audience celebrate. Not only does this make the content more diverse and inclusive, but it can also give you more content.


Showcasing how your employees are celebrating in December is a wonderful way to give your page a human element, help your audience connect with your team, and show off how much you care about your employees. Celebration can be as simple as snuggling up with a cozy blanket on the couch!

  1. Curate a gallery of images or posts with how multiple employees are celebrating or relaxing

  2. A post about any team bonding or team celebration at work

  3. A post showing the whole team or company celebrating

  4. Recycle into employees’ 2018 recap near New Years

Greeting Cards

Any of the December holidays make for a great reason to send a greeting card to customers, contractors, prospective clients, former employees, and current employees. It’s also a great way to show gratitude, connection, and to add a human touch. Obviously not every company is willing to budget for printing and postage of real greeting cards, but digital ones can be just as good. Use email, social media or your website to post a general “greeting card” to your customers, but use messenger or emails to send a personalized message. 


If you want a greeting card, the best route is to have a designer make one that is on brand and fun, however, not everyone has a budget to hire a designer. Fortunately there is an ever growing list of useful tools that can allow you to make easy, but still beautiful greeting cards. Tools such as Canva, PicMonkey, and Paperless Post are great apps that have beautiful templates which you can drop a team photo into and customize for your special company greeting card.

Year Recap

Last year we did a post on which mediums your annual report can take to make it customer pleasing. Now is the time to start thinking about what content to put into it, and to begin working on it. Most companies don’t want to post their annual earnings on social media, but the years recap can be about so much more. Here are some ideas of what you could share on social media:

  1. Team bonding

  2. Business trips

    1. How many employees went on one

    2. What cities employees went to

  3. Location openings

  4. Customer engagements

  5. Customer reviews/satisfaction

  6. Social media content with most engagement

  7. Lessons learned by the team

Most of the content ideas above require some work in order to gather the appropriate pieces, and would require some coordination with your Social Media Manager. The great thing is that most of these ideas can be re-purposed. Pictures from the celebration posts can be your greeting card and can also be a part within the annual recap. This is a great time to rely on your employees to put together some quick and fun content!