What's The Big Deal About Tailwind Tribes?

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already using Pinterest as a part of your business strategy, and you’d like to up your game. With Pinterest’s 200 million monthly users , it may not be a social media juggernaut like Facebook, but it’s an important social media platform with penetration in valuable demographics. For example, half of the U.S. millennials use Pinterest. But it’s not just the younger generations who use the platform: 68% of U.S. women between the ages of 25-54 use Pinterest and 40% of new users are men.

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Tailwind Tribes

One of the best Pinterest scheduling tools available is Tailwind. This allows you to schedule all your pins at the optimal times so you don’t have to worry about pinning every day. It also tracks data, conducts interval scheduling, and has an optimized smart schedule. New to Tailwind are tribes.

Tailwind Tribes are communities of like-minded pinners and influencers who share their pins to a common Pinterest board. If you are not currently using Tailwind Tribes, you need to sign up, like yesterday, because Tailwind tribes are seriously going to grow your website traffic significantly and increase your Pinterest game.

How Does It Work

Tribes can range from specific niches such as only pins about affiliated marketing to being more broad such as all things hiking, and there are, of course, tribes across many different interests such as food, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, etc. The main idea of the tribe is to share your own pins with the tribe with the hope your tribe members like your content, and thus will re-share it to their own Pinterest boards thereby giving your content more exposure. Most tribes enforce rules such as a 1:1 or 1:2 pinning ratio, meaning you post one of your own pins and share one or two of the tribe’s pins.

It’s important that you find the best tribes for your niche. Tailwind Tribes are most effective when you join up to 10 tribes and post 200 submission per month in the tribe. That means if you are a member of a 1:1 tribe, and you are submitting 200 pieces of content, you will have pin 200 pieces from the tribe collectively. When you are first starting out, look for different sized tribes, explore medium to large tribes; the ones with at least 4 - 5 bars of activity, and it’s best to have a good mix of different tribe types. Tailwind provides weekly stats allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of your chosen tribes. If a tribe is not productive, you can always switch to another one.

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Tribe Sharing Strategies

When sharing pins with your tribe it’s best not to share the same pin to every single group board on the same day and time. One thing to keep in mind when scheduling your pins is that they are displayed in a chronological order. If you post on Wednesday at 3pm and your tribe is not very active at that time, it’s very likely that within a couple of hours your pin is pushed way down the page and won’t be as easily noticed. Unfortunately, there is currently no data regarding a tribe’s daily activity, so you will have to go by trial and error until you have it locked down. Also, make sure to pay attention to tribe rules. Some tribes only allow you to share one pin per day while others have no limits. When you initially start it’s important to share evenly to each tribe in order to fairly assess the data. Give your tribes a good solid month or so before determining their effectiveness. Tailwind Tribes will grow your website and Pinterest exponentially, but you will have to put in the work initially. Good luck with your Tailwind tribes, and remember we are just a call away if you need assistance.