Think Twice Before Using Automated Software to Grow Your Instagram Account

      We know everyone wants a lot of followers…and lots of engagement, and ultimately a lot of business from an Instagram account. But how is success achieved? Many are not sure how to do it, and some will turn to using automated software as a quick and easy solution. (We will not be mentioning company names in this post.) However, we recommend proceeding with caution.

      Haven’t heard of automated software tools for growing an Instagram account? These tools basically work to follow, like, and comment on thousands of Instagram accounts from your own Instagram account. The worst part of these tools is that they makes hundreds of comments with a preset list of generic phrases like “nice pic!” or “amazing!” — and more often than not, these cliché phrases look like spam and don’t even relate to the subject matter in the photo.

     Most savvy social media users can spot the accounts using this software from a mile away; especially when you receive a comment on a photo and it just doesn’t make sense. Now, if you choose to use one of these software tools, your account would be leaving these generic phrases on other users’ accounts; liking photos of who-knows-what; and following possible questionable users.

    Yes, these software tools seem like the quick and easy solution, but they are not the best option for achieving actual results. We are very fond of the quality versus quantity model across all facets of our agency. This, of course, crosses over to social media. Think about it. Which comment would you rather receive on a photo as an Instagram user?

1.     “This is cool.”

2.     “We love that you shared your honeymoon with us! Hopefully we’ll see you next year and continue the tradition!”

     The first quote was obviously the automated one. The second one was actually crafted with love. Which one do you think would be more likely to help you build rapport and an actual longterm relationship with the user? That’s how we prefer to look at it. Not only would preset comments put you at higher risk for getting marked as spam, and possibly getting your Instagram account suspended or deleted, but you also gain a poor reputation. These software programs work to cheapen your brand and make you look disingenuous and spammy.

      Lastly, if the above is not reason enough to think twice before signing up with one of these software programs, the fact that they are also against the terms of service (TOS) of Instagram may just tell you something. Utilizing this software puts your account at risk for suspension and/or termination. We think it’s just too much of a risk, especially for legitimate businesses.

      Our recommendation? Achieve success the old fashioned way - time, hard work, and  dedication. Genuinely engaging with your followers; following and engaging with other accounts; creating a valuable profile worth following; and utilizing advertising, are all roads to creating a truly successful Instagram account. The followers and engagement you earn from this process will reap many more rewards than what will happen if you use a software that automates these processes for you.