Telecommuting Tips from the Social Media Experts

Living in the digital age, our working capabilities have expanded greatly. One of the most noteworthy progressions is the ability to work from home - or anywhere in the world, for that matter. Working remotely comes with some serious benefits, such as the time and stress you save not having to commute to an office - not to mention getting to spend all day in yoga pants! It can however, present some roadblocks and potentially make you feel out of touch with your co-workers and the needs of your client. Here are a few ways you can ensure you're staying ahead of the curve and getting the job done.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but we are creatures of habit and you might be surprised how easily we fall into the same routine. Communicating and checking-in consistently with your clients allow you to reassure them you understand the visions for their brands, and are continually putting forth efforts to make those visions into realities. 

Talking regularly with your co-workers is equally important. Bouncing thoughts and ideas off of one another is an effective tool to keep the creativity flowing. While you may not have the water cooler or coffee pot to chat around, email, text, chat, and phone conversations are still readily accessible. 

Get a "local voice" 

The primary resource that enables you to work remotely (the internet) is your best tool for allowing you to learn about your client, as if you were there in person. In order to embody an authentic "voice" for your client, it's important to research the local area. See what other local businesses are doing on their social media. Look up posts with city related hashtags to see what resident fans are interested in. Many credible, local news outlets are available online as well. 


Be aware what time works best for you, may not work best for your audience. Your client may be located in a different time zone than you and it's important to know when their highest engagement time is so you can capitalize on that. 

Maintaining a schedule and setting work "boundaries" will help you stay focused. It's easy to blur the lines between home life and work life. Creating a schedule with set hours will increase productivity, establish availability, and maintain expectations. 

By communicating regularly, researching your clients location, and implementing effective time management you will successfully overcome the difficulties of working remotely.