Thawing Out Your Company's Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts“We don’t know who started our Instagram account,” or “We don’t have the password or email address for our Twitter account.” Heard this before? Someone left your social media accounts out in the cold! We hear this a lot from new clients who want to get back into social media marketing. The days of having an inexperienced team member create a company Facebook page or company Twitter account are gone. Along with that, not having a thoughtful and strategic social media plan can hurt your company in more ways than one. Many social media experts talk about content calendars, measuring and reporting ROI, and building an engaged audience, but let’s rewind to a basic principle that needs to be addressed before leaping into the social media world.

Defrost Your Social Media Accounts

Determine which social media networks your company should be using based on the demographics you’re trying to reach. Immediately clarify who will manage the login credentials for these social media accounts. We encounter this problem often. Clients already have a social media presence that someone created years ago, and it was abandoned. The login credentials are nowhere to be found, and the employee is long gone. This stops a company dead in its tracks instead of full steam ahead.

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

A company can try to regain access to its accounts, which is not an easy feat. Social media sites make it harder than it needs to be. It is extremely difficult to speak with a live person at Facebook or Twitter. It is not unusual to hear that a former employee created a Twitter account for the company using his/her personal email address. What is a company to do if that person has moved on? Or, a company may not remember who started an account, or if they ever started an account on a certain platform. It hurts brands to have multiple social media accounts if some are abandoned. It is confusing to fans (and search engines!) who want to follow the official account.

Best Practices

Whether your company will manage social media marketing in-house, or with the help of a marketing agency like Thin Pig Media, these are the important questions to ask:

1. Who will be the representative or job title to create social media accounts for the company? 2. Who will have access to these credentials, and where will this information be stored? 3. Who will manage updating these credentials on a regular basis?

If this information is included in your social media strategy, your company has a solid foundation to build on. Now we can talk about content calendars, measuring and reporting ROI and building an engaged audience...