4 Podcasts for Digital Marketing

Podcasts for digital marketing

To be a successful as a digital and social media marketer, you need to stay up to date on industry trends. It is also helpful to observe the successes and failures of other marketers in order to hone leading-edge strategies and tactics for your own projects. Most marketers are constantly plugged into a computer or mobile device. We check Twitter, Mashable, RSS feeds and more to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Podcasts for digital marketingBut what happens when you are forced to 'unplug' from those devices, such as in a car or on a plane? Podcasts provide a great medium for continuing professional education on-the-go. Listen to conversations with thought-leaders and free-flowing discussions on business challenges and trends. This type of flexible on-demand information fits perfectly into even the busiest marketer's schedule.

New to Podcasts?

Start with these four podcasts for digital marketing:

Six Pixels Of Separation Hosted by: Mitch Joel Considered by many to be an expert and visionary in the digital marketing industry, Six Pixels of Separation features interviews, discussions, and debates with some of the most influential and successful digital marketing experts. Listen & Download: Six Pixels Of Separation

Marketing Over Coffee Hosted by: Chris Penn and John Wall If you have very limited time in which to listen to podcasts, this is the one for you. Marketing Over Coffee features bite-size conversations about industry and technology news and happenings. Listen In: Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Smarts Hosted by: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone The most straightforward of all the marketing podcasts, Marketing Smarts features 30 minute interviews with CMOs, CEOs, and authors to discuss marketing strategy, social media, and more. Listen In: Marketing Smarts

Our Grand Idea Hosted by: Todd Skaggs and Kevin Carter If you are a small business owner and marketing isn't your strong suit, this is the podcast for you. Each week the hosts discuss a single idea that must meet the 3 P’s: "Possible for ANY business to use; Proven concepts, must be an actual promotion with results; Profitable, to have delivered at least $1000 to the bottom line.” Listen In: Our Grand Idea

At Thin Pig Media, we have our radar up to learn from the latest in digital and social media marketing news. It's a full-time job, and we love every minute of it. Stay tuned as we share what we find notable by subscribing to our RSS feed.Podcasts for digital marketing