Say Ello to the New Social Media Fad

Ello social network

We need another social network like we need a hole in the head

Ello social networkThis sentiment has not stopped people from being curious about the newest social media fad, Ello. So, what is Ello? Ello is the 'anti-Facebook.' It is a social network that prides itself on being simple, beautiful, and ad-free. Created by a group of artists and designers, it’s basically a new social network for people who are sick of Facebook and all it stands for. Period. Aside from not having any ads, it also touts not tracking its users’ habits, and marketing to them. They even have a manifesto. Since launching mid-2014, Ello has exploded with hundreds of thousands of registered users. At one point 45,000 new users joined in a one-hour time frame. Now that Ello has reached a critical mass, mainstream social media users want to know more.

Visually, Ello looks more like tumblr and Google+. It’s minimalist aesthetic, almost reminiscent of a website from the ‘90s, can be viewed as a masterful use of white space or just plain bleak. In terms of functionality, users can add other users to one of two categories: Friend or Noise. The ‘friends’ category is basically for people you care most about seeing in your feed. The ‘noise’ category is used for everyone else. Ello then shows noise updates in a quicker, condensed manner.

Fad or Facebook Killer

Ello Social NetworkAre people sick of Facebook? The consensus is -- yes, and everyone has their own reasons why. From businesses miffed at Facebook’s pay-to-play algorithm, to individual users annoyed at Facebook’s privacy settings and the growing percentage of ads in their news streams, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Facebook. It is great to have social network options, especially one that takes a direct stance against Facebook's intrusion on our privacy.

In exchange for our personal information on Facebook we get the opportunity to connect with over a billion users. Facebook has become the one constant network people can find long lost friends, and keep in touch with friends and family from (mostly) anywhere in the world. Brands also have a huge digital database in which to market/advertise, and directly talk with past, present, and potential customers.

It’s good to keep the new Ello social network on your radar. At this point, there is no rush for brands to jump on the bandwagon though. Users clamoring for an invite want to explore the site, but time will tell if they actually stick around, or say goodbye to Ello.Ello Manifesto

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