Holiday Marketing Ideas That Work

It’s the most wonderful time of year (again), and you want to keep your brand relevant. Sadly not every company sells candy canes and thrives during the holiday season. Here's how to conquer holiday marketing. First, keep a natural dialog going with your clients and customers. There's no need to add to the Black Friday bombardment if you are not a promotion driven company. However, don't go for 'radio silence' in December either. Here are a few holiday marketing ideas to incorporate into your plan. Customize them to enhance your company’s image and increase sales during the holidays.

Festive Personalized E-blasts

Holiday Marketing That WorksAdd a personal touch to company communications around the holiday season. Send out personalized emails. Fill them with coupons or discounted rates for loyal customers. Reward everyone who was part of your success this year. It’s also a great way to remind customers of your social media sites. Tie-in the email to social media posts by sharing important information in both places. Have social sharing buttons on your email and have newsletter sign up on your social sites. They work hand in hand together. Adding some holiday spirit to your email design is also a fun way to break away from the norm and show your company’s festive side.

Fun Holiday Themed Posts

Holiday Marketing That WorksPeople are extremely active on social media platforms during the holidays and you want your company to be a part of it. Holiday related posts with pictures and themed-designs are a simple way to get your fans excited about your brand. Highlight office decorations, charitable causes that you support, employee pets dressed up, or a favorite holiday recipe. Share the holiday spirit in a way that is authentic to your brand.

Run A Quick Contest

Holiday-themed contests are also a great way to engage your customers. For example, a hotel could have a photo contest where guests tweet festive photos of themselves on the property to win a 2-night stay and a free holiday-themed drink. It encourages engagement and provides user-generated content that highlights your location. No matter what the industry, fans love to see an ugly holiday sweater contest, whether it is among your employees or open to clients and customers.

Show Clients You Care

Holiday Marketing That WorksSending real holiday cards through the mail might seem outdated, but it still holds a higher value than an email. It’s a simple way of showing your appreciation without breaking the bank. Make sure it is personalized however. "There is absolutely nothing worse than receiving a perfunctory greeting from a business." Smaller gifts like company blankets, mugs, or calendars are also a thoughtful way to show thanks to your clients.

The Happy Employee

Holiday Marketing That WorksIt’s not just your clients and customers you should be focused on during the holidays. Whether it’s playing Christmas music throughout the office, or setting up a hot cocoa station or a visit from Santa, keeping employee morale high during the holidays is equally important. Since it’s the time of year when everyone wants to spend time with loved ones, a festive work environment is a sure way to keep employees both happy and focused. Employees can become your biggest advocates or detractors.

Here at Thin Pig media, we can add some ho ho ho to your holidays. Whether you have a great idea and you need a marketing team to execute it, or you are The Grinch and you need holiday inspiration, our team can help.