Pinterest Steps Up Its Ad-Targeting Game

Targeting your ads is important. It’s how you can effectively get your product or message in front of your audience. Until recently, Pinterest ad targeting has been super basic and limited to options such as: location, language, device and gender. Starting today, targeting on Pinterest will become more powerful as advertisers receive three new ways to reach Pinterest’s audience of over 100 million monthly active users.

In addition to targeted Promoted Pins based on Pinners’ interests, search keywords, device, location and more, you can now fine-tune your Promoted Pins using your own business data.  This new tool allows you to combine what you already know about your customers with what we know about people on Pinterest. You can create and target in 3 new ways:

Customer List Targeting

Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs. This option is similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences. After you upload a list of customers into the system, Pinterest will match your list to its own user database and let you serve ad to just those users.  This option presents a great opportunity to create custom offers based on the specific interests of those people or groups.


Visitor Retargeting

Reach people who have visited your site. Advertisers can place a Pinterest Conversion Tag on their websites that will follow visitors onto Pinterest to better target their ads. Retargeting visitors who have visited your website recently can help further influence their conversion or purchase decision in the future.


Lookalike Targeting

Reach a larger group of people who look and behave similar to your existing audiences. This enables advertisers to find and target Pinterest users who have similar demographic characteristics to an existing set of customers. Pinterest claims that early tests with look-alike targeting increased click-through rates by 63.

Targeting on Pinterest Drives Results

A huge amount of content on Pinterest comes from businesses. In addition to organically viewing these pins, new advertising tools can help brands better reach their audience and potentially match better content to specific users, which could help convert them into potential customers.

 As the company continues to grow its user base it gives Pinterest an opportunity to build new tools like these. New advertising products and better targeting help improve revenue.