Easy Social Media Holiday Advertising Options

The holiday season is in full swing. Not sure about you, but I’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of online advertising and marketing I’m seeing for shopping deals. Of course, as a marketer, I pay extra attention to different types of ads, especially on social media sites. Which ones are more likely to catch my attention? Which ones would I change and tweak? Which ones would work for our clients? A number of questions run through my mind.

As the biggest shopping time of the year is happening now, let’s run through just a few of the most basic (but still super useful) options businesses have for advertising on social media platforms in order to sell their products and/or services.

1.     Facebook Carousel Format Advertising

The carousel ad is a fairly new format on the Facebook platform. Businesses don’t just get one static image with copy in the news feed for advertising. With carousel ads, a brand gets 3-5 images and/or videos, headlines and links or calls to action in one single ad unit. Users swipe right to see more of the ad. Whether a carousel ad is telling a creative story via copy or photos, there is a strong possibility of catching a user’s attention with just the right creative. Learn more 

Bonus: carousel ads are currently rolling out on Instagram, too! 

2. Facebook Offer Claims

With this type of Facebook ad, a business can create a limited time offer or deal for users to claim online and use in-store. A business can decide how long an offer runs, who sees it, and how many people can claim it. Learn more 

3. Pinterest Promoted Pins

If your business is already on Pinterest, consider promoting a pin. Promoted Pins are just like regular pins, but they're seen by more people through targeted placement and paying for that pin to be seen. You choose the pin you’d like to promote, write the copy, choose where you want to send users who click (e.g. your website), then pick demographic information and keyword terms you want to target. It’s all a very straight-forward process, and a great way to advertise if you have a great product that fits with the Pinterest-user demographic. Learn more

Note: Currently not all users/businesses have access to promoted pins and advertising on Pinterest, however, you may join a wait list if it is of interest to you.

4. Instagram advertising

In case you missed it, businesses can now use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise on Instagram. This is a fairly new opportunity for businesses, and makes sense for brands with eye-catching images who want to sell their product. The audience targeting is excellent since Facebook, Instagram’s parent-company, has excellent user data. However, since it is limiting the amount of advertising in the user’s feed, CPM tends to be higher than all social media advertising platforms. Learn more about Instagram advertising  

Depending on your goals, there is certain to be an ad type that will work for your business. Just be sure to have your goals in place before deciding where you’ll advertise and how you’ll measure your success. There is no finer time than the holidays to advertise you’re product or service online, so give it a try, and let us know how the process worked for you! If you need help with any of these methods, just give us a shout @ThinPigMedia on Twitter. Happy holidays!

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