How to Post 3D Photos on Facebook


3D photos are the latest post type to launch on Facebook, and at Thin Pig Media, we’re already having fun posting them to our feeds to test out this new feature. If you’re wondering how to post these amazing 3D images yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Take 3D Photos

For now, 3D photos can only be taken on the iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS by using “Portrait mode” in your camera app. Portrait mode uses the dual cameras on these phones to mimic a smaller depth of field, making your subject appear clear and crisp while slightly blurring the background. Follow these tips to capture the best portrait mode photos to upload in 3D:

  1. Portrait mode photos will tend to look better when they have a distinct foreground (like a person, pet, or an object) and background. Make sure your foreground object and your background aren’t too close together, or you’ll get a flatter looking image.

  2. Make sure your subject is in focus by tapping on it on your phone screen.

  3. Stand far enough away from your subject (at least 3-4 feet). Your iPhone will give you a warning if it seems like you are too close.

  4. Keep contrast and lighting in mind. If your subject is the same color as the background, it may not pop as well in 3D mode. Similarly, if your photo is too dark, the layers of depth may not be as obvious.

  5. Objects that are clear or too shiny may not work well in 3D photos.

How to Upload 3D Photos to Facebook

  1. On your iPhone, tap into the status update box on your profile, page, or group. Scroll down the list until you see 3D photo.

  2. Facebook will bring up all the “Portrait” photos in your camera roll. Choose the one you’d like and wait for Facebook to generate a preview.

  3. Move around the image to check for any irregularities or artifacts created in the 3D-ification by Facebook.

  4. Hit the next button, then add any text, tags, emojis, etc that you normally would to a post.

  5. Hit the share button!

PicMonkey Collage (2).jpg

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Portrait mode photos cannot be cropped before uploading, so frame your photos well to begin with.

  • Some photos we tried yielded weird artifacts in the background and around the edges so it is probably best to have a few options to make sure at least one photo looks good. Black spots or blurry patches are the most common issues.

  • Objects may look better than pets or people because the distortion can make faces look a little odd.

  • Right now it looks like you are not able to post multiple 3D photos in one post. You also cannot post from desktop.

  • Right now it also appears that 3D posts cannot be boosted or turned into ads, although this may change in the future.