How to Get More Posts for Your Company Blog

It can be difficult to get writers excited about contributing to your company blog, even if they have great stories or knowledge. Writing compelling and fresh content each week can be a huge challenge for many marketers.

Luckily, it is possible to get valuable, interesting, and fresh content each week, even in a small company! Here are a few tips that will help you get more authors for your blog and more posts published:  

Ask for Contributors!

Sometimes it can be surprising how many people actually DO want to write for your company -- but no one ever asked them! Make sure you’re widening the field of your contributions outside of just your marketing and sales departments. You’ll be surprised how many great writers there are out there.

Make a List of Desired Blog Topics to Inspire Writers

A lot of the writer’s block contributors suffer from stems from not knowing where to begin. Kickstart this process with a list of compelling questions, prompts, and post ideas that help them get started or inspire new content ideas.


Make Blog Writing a Contest

Give away a gift card or other prize to the person with the most popular post each month. Be clear how this will be measured (social likes or page traffic?) or just draw randomly each month from your contributor pool.

Crowdsource Blog Posts

Sometimes writing a whole post is too much to ask, but your office mates are still happy to contribute creative ideas to fuel your writing. Come up with a blog topic -- for example “10 ways to increase engagement on Instagram” -- then send around an email to the team with the most knowledge on the topic. Ask what each person’s favorite strategy or idea is (make sure to keep questions short!). Pretty soon you’ll have lots of ideas from the people who know best. This is also a great tool when you’re trying to write on a subject that you’re not as familiar with, but that many at your organization are pros at.


Interview Your Busiest Blog Personalities

Everyone has a few people they’d love to write for their blog (wouldn’t it be great to have a post from your executive chef or CTO?). But some people are simply too busy to write posts themselves. This is where an interview format can be helpful. The final post can be structured as an interview or you can write a post as that person. Just make sure they’re ok with you ghostwriting for them and always get the final post approved!

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