Instagramming for Real Estate

When using Instagram, you typically see an abundance of puppies, wanderlust photos that make you want to get away, celebrities, and of course the family and friends you’ve connected with over the years. But if you’re in the market for a new home, you may find real estate content now flooding the social media network as well.

After deciding that I wanted to check out Tampa Bay, FL as a potential city in which to reside, I followed #tampafl on Instagram so I could get a sense of the city since I live two hours away. I then started seeing tons of posts relating to homes being flipped, homes on the market, new restaurant construction, commercial buildings being renovated, etc. In my case, it lead me to follow a local Tampa real estate agent and house-flipper, Keeley Toro of the Lombardo Team. Follow Keeley at @tampaflippers for great real estate content and to see her BEAUTIFUL flips in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa.

If you’re selling a home, flipping a property, or launching a restaurant or new business, here are some great ways to feature your new property using the fastest growing social media platform of 2018!


Make sure to use hashtags that will gain interest from your potential customer or buyer. Tags related to the industry, the city in which you live, and trendy hashtags such as #FoodieFriday (when applicable) can be good as well. This will help attract the right set of eyes to your content both locally and from afar.

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Instagram Stories help enhance your content with the ability to use GIFs, polls, hashtags, text, and more. It’s a great way to show off before-and-after photos of a house flip or to provide a sneak peek of a new feature at a restaurant coming to town.

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People love getting to see behind-the-scenes content or feeling like a VIP. When you provide details such as picking out cabinets, or something as simple as doorknobs, people feel like they’re along for the ride and feel more connected to the process. This also builds anticipation for the opening event. The new waterfront entertainment complex, Sparkman Wharf, in Tampa is a great example of a future business doing things right on Instagram. Follow @sparkmanwharf to see updates on their new construction, sneak peeks of upcoming vendors, and more.

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If you are a real estate agent, opening a new business, or someone who needs help with your social media presence in general, drop us a line! We’d love to help strengthen your social media game.