Growing Your Fan Base on Facebook


Regardless if you find Facebook page likes to be a vanity metric or not, most businesses and brands strive to get as many followers as possible. Luckily there are some good ways to gain new followers and can be achieved with both small and large advertising budgets.

Boosted Posts

Boosting a post helps a brand’s content reach people outside of its loyal fan base and by allowing it to target people based on age, location, interests, and more. Businesses can reach new eyeballs that may or may not be aware of them. But, boosted posts do more than encourage engagement and build brand awareness. They also give the brand or your client the opportunity to gain more followers. Facebook allows the page admin to invite those who reacted to the post to like the page. This is a great way to connect a person who may have liked or loved a post to the page for the long run. If someone likes the post by the brand, they are more likely to accept a page invite than if they had not.

How does one do this? Click on the post that has been boosted, click near the amount of reactions, then a list of those who have liked, loved, laughed, etc. will appear. To the right of the names, it will either say “Liked” or “Invite”. Click on “Invite” to send an invitation to that person. You may also see a notification prompting you to invite people to like your page once they’ve interacted with a post. You can also invite the people who have interacted with non-boosted posts, but typically organic posts don’t get as many reactions as boosted posts. Pro tip: Try not to click the Invite Button quickly several times as Facebook will disable you from using this feature for 24-48 hours.

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Page Like Campaigns

One of the most popular ways to increase page likes when a client lists this growth on their “wish list” is to run a Page Likes campaign. To do this, you can click Promote Page directly on the Facebook Business Page or you can go into Ads Manager and build a campaign through the Engagement Objective.

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Promote, Promote, Promote

This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to promote your client’s Facebook page on their website, throughout their brick and mortar location, on their business cards, receipts, etc. Signage in a store and on a website helps remind their current customers to follow them, and gives people who may have came into their store by chance or came across their website an insight to their brand via Facebook. More awareness of the Facebook page leads to more likes. For business cards, receipts, signs at registers, it may just take a simple Facebook logo to let people know they have a business page. You can find the latest Facebook approved logos by visiting Facebook’s Brand Resource Center .

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