5 Instagram Tips to Seduce Your Customers

1. Show Off Your Personality

Giving your company a voice is one of the most important aspects of marketing. One of the greatest ways to attract a consumer is to just be yourself!

Don’t be afraid to crack quirky jokes or use geeky references if that’s the build of your brand. Once you find your voice you’ll then develop an audience that’s the perfect mold. Always continue to cater to your following by incorporating like-minded visuals that drew them to you in the first place. Utilize things like memes, behind-the scenes photos that embody your staff, and other creative visuals that reveal layers of your brand’s personality.

2. Stunning Visuals

It’s no secret that Instagram is a visual marketing platform. Use this to your advantage. Not everyone is a photographer, but Instagram sure has a lot of us fooled! Even the simplest of subjects can catch a consumer’s eye in their Instagram feed if done right.

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Eye-catching photos are especially a MUST for start-ups and smaller companies looking to draw in a larger audience. If you want people to stop by your page-- give them a reason to! Put a halt to mindless Instagram Feed scrolling with a striking photo or graphic. These will draw in the attention you’re looking for.

Need help with your photography skills? Check out these 29 Instagram Hacks via Huffington Post.

3. Exclusive Content

Always incorporate exclusives and behind-the-scenes content to make consumers feel like they are getting the VIP treatment by engaging with your brand. This allows your business to shed more light on your brand’s personality, but also build a bond with your consumers, who are going to feel like they are getting a special peek into your world that not everyone gets to see unless they are a dedicated follower.

This content can range anywhere from a photo of a prototype your company is working on-- to a simple a snapshot of what’s happening around the office. This is your chance to offer the consumer insight into your company that they can’t get via your website or anywhere else on the web.

Go crazy with creativity and let your personality shine. The goal is to gain a follower and consumer for life. Treat them like a member of your family and they just might start to feel like it!

4. Hashtags

Instagram is a crazy map to navigate. Show people the way by using hashtags!

Use words and phrases that embody your brand’s product and personality.  Don’t be shy-- there’s no such thing as too many hashtags on Instagram. Use all 30 allowed. That’s one of the greatest differences between this social media platform and all others.

If you need tips on what keywords to use on Instagram-- tap into your SEO resources.  If done right, your website traffic will likely mirror your ideal audience on Instagram.

5. Engage

Seduce Instagram users with your words and “likes.” How are they supposed to know you want them as a customer if you don’t show any interest? They aren’t mind-readers!

A great way to lure in new followers/potential customers is to extend your olive branch first. This is done by targeting a follower you think would be a great fit for your service and/or product and then following through with an action such as giving them a follow, commenting on one of their photos, or simply by giving one of their photos a “like.”

You can find these potential customers by looking up keywords via Instagram’s Hashtag search or by utilizing the “Place” feature on Instagram to target people located near your business.

Show you’re interested and you just might draw them to your profile so you can show off what you’re all about!

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