Instagram Rolls Out Multiple Account Login!

It’s finally here! After years of logging in and out between accounts, Instagram is now officially letting us switch between multiple accounts quickly and easily.

For social media managers this is a dream come true. The ease of switching between multiple accounts with just one tap will certainly change the way we use Instagram and add to growth as well.

Setting up this new feature is a quick process and is done in a few easy steps:


     1.  Log into the Instagram app on your mobile device 

     2.  Tap the little white gear in the upper right hand corner

IMAGE 1 II.jpg

     3.  Tap 'Add Account' 

     4.  You'll be taken to the login screen, log in to the account you would like to      add

     5.  Once you've logged in, it will AUTOMATICALLY put you into that account

     6.  To select accounts, go back to your main screen and you'll see what is called a disclosure triangle              (pointing down). Tap it, and it will expand to show the accounts you have added. 

     7.  Select the account you want to post in!

     8.  To add more accounts, just repeat the process.

A few final notes: This functionality is available for up to 5 different Instagram accounts. You will want to check your particular phone settings to make sure you do not get unwanted Instagram push notifications for all of your accounts at once!

Happy posting!