What is Retargeting and How Can You Use It?

Chances are you’ve seen a retargeting ad, even if you’re not aware of how they work. That pair of shoes or new appliance that follow you around the internet, displaying in ads on the sidebar of your favorite websites, in your news feed on Facebook, and even on YouTube. Maybe you’ve even clicked on one to pick up your shopping experience right where you left off.

After all, many people don’t make a purchase the first time they visit a website. If you’re like me, you like to do your research and see what’s out there before making a reservation or buying something new. At this stage, you’re looking at different options.


As a marketer, consumers at this stage of consideration can be especially valuable. But chances are they’re looking at your competitors sites as well. How can you bring them back to your site and move them further down the purchase funnel?

While there are lots of strategies to bring browsers back to your site, a good retargeting campaign can help. Retargeting ads are shown to people who have previously visited your website. With the proper conversion tracking in place, you can even target only those who haven’t made a purchase or subscribed to your email list.

These days just about every advertising platform from Google to Facebook to Pinterest has a retargeting (or “remarketing”) option. To begin, you’ll need to install a tag or pixel on your website from whatever platform (or platforms!) you’re using. Once you have your tracking set up, here are a few campaign strategies you can use to bring visitors back to your site:


Add value

Use offers to attract viewers attention. Everyone loves a deal. If promotions are a part of your marketing strategy, make sure to include them in your retargeting ads. This could be how you differentiate yourself from competitors in a customer’s mind.  

Be helpful

Make it easy for visitors to see products or services related to what they originally looked at on your site. They might find just what they were looking for!


Change what ads different visitors see depending on what stage they are in their purchase journey. Browsing your homepage is very different from spending a lot of time on product pages or adding things to your cart. You can customize your retargeting to show different ads to users at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Be dynamic

If you have a product catalog, platforms like Google and Facebook will allow you to show users products they have viewed before. Use these features to highlight exactly what your visitors are looking for!

Optimize for conversions

Remarketing campaigns are great because they typically have enough conversions for us to set up for conversion optimization. This allows us to tell Google or Facebook to show our ads more often to people, who are more likely to click through and make a purchase or reservation.

Bring people back

Retargeting doesn’t have to be just for people who haven’t made a purchase. You can use a longer retargeting window to bring past customers back to your brand.

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