Super Bowl LI: Your Social Media Resources

It's that time of year - Super Bowl Week! It is an exciting time of the year for social media marketers as digital and social media have quickly and dramatically altered the landscape around the biggest sporting event of the year. Check out some of the stories below to see how!

Social Media is Changing Super Bowl Parties

According to a recent report released by Influence Central, social media is affecting how people throw Super Bowl parties. With 78% of fans using social media during the big game, party throwers are now changing the make up of their parties. Due to the ability for people to connect with millions of others via social media, partygoers are inviting fewer and fewer people to their events. ReadMore. .

Spend a Million to Promote 5 Million

With the average cost of a Super Bowl ad now reaching $5 million, it might be surprising that brands are now supplementing that spend with up to $1 million in social and digital marketing and advertising to promote the ad in addition to releasing the ad before the big game to ensure the ad really pays off. "The willingness of companies to pay record prices for Super Bowl ads while simultaneously spending more to promote them shows how coveted consumer attention has become in the age of smartphones and social media." ReadMore. 

Is Social Media Making Super Bowl ads Harder to Sell?

With Super Bowl ad spots selling at a slower rate than previous years, signs point to the fact that some companies are forgoing purchasing an ad spot to instead focus on digital media spends. Furthermore, "The election of Donald Trump as America’s next president highlighted how a brand can spend very little on traditional media outlets and still make a major splash through creative use of social networks." Read More.

One Alternative Way to Spend Your Super Bowl Budget

With all the conversation about whether purchasing a Super Bowl ad is a worthwhile investment, you might be wondering what a company could do with budget instead. Kraft Heinz Co. is forgoing a commercial and instead giving their employees the next day off work. Here's to more companies treating the day after the Super Bowl as a holiday! Read More.

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