Social Media New Year's Resolutions

Another year has come and hence another chance to set new goals and resolutions for self-improvement. Every year, up to 40% of Americans create New Year's resolutions, but roughly only 8% keep them for an entire year. 

This year, the Thin Pig team got introspective and set some personal resolutions to make this year more efficient, successful, and social! Check out our team's resolutions below and let us know what social media resolutions you are making to make 2016 a year to remember!

Connect with Others

"My goal is to connect with at least 20 people on Twitter this year and have real conversations and explore how we might be able to help each other out.  I have met some really cool people on Twitter in the past, but I want to ramp up the numbers in 2016." - Greg Gillard

Streamlining Workflows

"Utilizing Instagram's multiple login feature (coming soon in native, otherwise use 3rd party apps), checking email & Sprout Social on a schedule (eg every 2 hours) versus as it comes in, using the same planning Social Media Calendar spreadsheet for every client." - Deanna Root

Proactive communication

"My focus is going to be proactive communication with clients by contacting them asking what their needs are for the upcoming quarter, their goals, future events, etc. so I can prepare accordingly. Also, if I haven't heard from the client in awhile, to just check in when I can with positive news to always keep the line of communication going." -  Lindsey Wallace

Virtual High-Fives

"Give more virtual high-fives to bloggers and authors from whom I read my social media news. Tweet them directly and let them know I thoroughly enjoyed reading their posts and appreciate their perspectives." - Kim Zebor

Better Understand Open Graph

"My goal is to understand Open Graph protocol so I'm not surprised when a link preview displays differently on Facebook when it's posted." - Samantha Joyce

Making My Pins a Reality

"Stop pinning and more DOING! I have over 1K pins on Pinterest but only a handful of times have I actually executed what I pinned. I resolve to make my pins into a reality!" - Kim Zebor

Stay Curious & Keep Learning

"My goal is to advance my current skills in things like design and development as well as to learn some new skills like search engine optimization by enrolling in online classes and attending seminars and workshops." - Paul Guest
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