Election 2016: Your Social Media Resources

It is Election Day here in the U.S. and in just the past few elections the tradition of following results has shifted to include social media outlets. This year there many exciting new trends, research, and polls available to follow along with the election. Below are a list of some cool things we are reading about and looking forward to using on this special day!

Facebook Partnering with Local News Outlets

In line with their recent push for promoting Facebook Live, Facebook is partnering with 50 news outlets (one in each state) for an "Election Day live video blitz." Each partner will publish a 15-minute live video which will then be included on Facebook's “Election 2016” page. Read More.

Twitter Bots Influencing the Election

A recent study at Oxford University suggests that one third of pro-Trump tweets and one fifth of pro-Clinton tweets come from automated accounts - totaling more than 1 million tweets. The Atlantic dives into what implications this has for the election and democracy in general. Read More.

Social Channels Providing Wealth of Tools

Google will use their doodle to help users find out the location of their polling location, as well show a user their local ballot. Twitter created an @gov account which will send you polling location information, local ballot details, and more all through DM. Tinder is even getting involved with their "Swipe The Vote" campaign where users can swipe right and left on various issues, then match you with your ideal candidate. Read More.

Discovering Voting Issues with Social Media

Hundreds of students, journalists, and Google employees are meeting at CUNY during Election Day, forming the hub of a group called Electionland. These individuals will be scouring through social media data sources to discover and flag suspicious voting situations such as "are voting machines malfunctioning? Provisional ballots being handed out? Voters being inappropriately asked for ID or being harassed? In short: are citizens able to exercise their right to vote?" Read More.

Is Social Media to Blame for Election Nastiness?

A recent segment on NPR's "Morning Edition" discusses how social media might be to blame for making 2016 one of the nastiest elections ever. Listen Here.