Instagram Adds Snapchat….er, Stories.

Last week Instagram released Instagram Stories, its newest feature that allows users to share multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format, called a “story.” The content is available for only 24 hours and does not appear in a user’s profile or feed.

Many savvy social media users are in disbelief how closely this newest feature mimics Snapchat. Instagram even uses the same term Snapchat uses: “stories.”  This seems like a direct “checkmate” moment from Instagram to Snapchat. The only cool features that are really lacking on Instagram are the geofilters and the hysterically fun filters, which personally, is one of the top reasons I use Snapchat. Snapchat is no longer as unique as it has previously been. Now, if Instagram Stories integrates these awesome filters, would Snapchat fall to the wayside?

With this game of chess, Snapchat will have to assess the situation and make smarter moves going forward. It is already at a disadvantage with a smaller user-base, extremely challenging methods for attracting new ‘friends’ for businesses, and lack of proven advertising methodology. Instagram is certainly the front-runner in this situation now, and it’ll be interesting to watch what Snapchat does next.

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On the business level, many will be wondering whether or not to use Snapchat, Instagram Stories, or both. provides a great post on this topic.

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