Holiday Gift Guide for Your Social Media Geek

It's that time of year already! With just a week until Christmas some of you might be needing a last minute gift idea for that social media ninja in your life. These gifts will help them up their professional game as well as make them enjoy their work day a little better.

Camera Gear

Social media mavens love capturing stunning content on-the-go. Help them elevate their photography and videography game with these awesome accessories.

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OlloClip Lens

Ever since their debut, OlloClip's snap-on lens add increased functionality and creative options for mobile photographers.

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Studio Neat Glif

For butter smooth panoramic photos and steady videos, the Glif lets you connect any mobile device to a tripod.

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DJI Osmo Mobile

This motorized gimbal makes handheld video as smooth as professional video stabilizers.

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DJI Mavic Pro

A 4K drone that you can control with your phone, and it all folds down to fit in your backpack or purse.

Get More Powerful

For those who work in a  virtual office or a home office, optimizing your computer setup is ideal. The less time fussing with things not working means the more time working your social media magic. These gift ideas will help.

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Eero Whole Home WiFi

Eero blankets your home in rock-solid WiFi so whether you are in the office editing an email or responding to a quick email from your backyard, you'll get blistering speeds.

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Anker 5 Port USB Charger

Seems like everything charges via USB cables. Get rid of all those ugly wall warts and consilidate with this super fast charging station.

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Mophie Wireless Charger

This best of breed wireless Qi charger is a great addition to any desk to allow persistent charging of your mobile devices.

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Wacom Digital Tablet

Ditch the mouse and get pin-point accurate with a digital tablet. Perfect for designers, video editors, or anyone at risk for Carpal Tunnel.

Get in The Groove

Everyone knows that being in the right mindset leads to someone's best work. These gifts will help get your favorite geek in the right mode.

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French Press

Get your work day off to a strong start with a mug of perfectly brewed strong coffee from this elegant French Press.


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Essential Oil Diffuser

Get your relaxation on with an Essential Oils diffuser. We suggest lavender :)

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Apple Airpods

Whether its taking an important call or listening to the perfect Spotify playlist, these wireless BlueTooth ear buds can sync to your computer or mobile device.

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Double Old Fashioned Glasses

As the work day wraps up, who doesn't need a classic cocktail to wind down?

Note: Thin Pig Media does not make a commission or profit off of these items. We just use them and love them!

Paul GuestDrones, TechComment