File Transfers Made Easy: My 3 Favorite File Transferring Websites

Sending large files via email can sometimes be a pain. Many times the files are too large to email. You can try to send them as a zipped file, however there are many corporations that restrict zipped files and their email systems won’t accept them. The easiest solution is to use a file transferring software. Here are my three favorite services in no particular order.


 Founded in 2009, WeTransfer describes their service as “the simplest way to send big files around the world”. They have a very user friendly website and their free services allows you to send large files, up to 2GB per transfer, as often as you would like. Files are saved on the WeTransfer servers for 7 days. If you need to send larger files, they also offer WeTransfer Plus. Plus allows you to send files up to 20GB and offers 100GB of file storage which will be saved on their servers until you delete them. WeTransfer Plus is available for $12/month.


 What makes Terashare unique is their BitTorrent and cloud based technology. According to Terashare, “this means that people can download huge files directly from your computer”. How it works is that once you choose to share a file, Terashare will provide a unique, private link you can share with clients to download files directly from your computer. Files under 10GB will be stored on Terashares servers so your clients can download the files at any time. Files over 10GB will only be available as long it is on your computer and your computer is turned on. This service is 100% free.


Another very simple service is Smash. Their free plan allows users to send files of any size for free. Files are available to download for 14 days. One of the great benefits of Smash is that recipients can preview your files before downloading them on web or mobile. You can also password protect files which adds an additional layer of security for sensitive material. Like WeTransfer, Smash also offers paid services with additional features – such as the ability to customize your download page with your logo and a background image.