Chasing The “Cool” (And Why It May Not Be Your Best Strategy)

Living in an ever-changing digital age has created a desire to capitalize on the next biggest and coolest thing. It is the objective of many brands to stay ahead of the curve and to consistently participate in the newest social media trend. In the race to “chase the cool,” people often ask themselves, "How do I accomplish the next big thing?" Perhaps the more appropriate question is: “Should I participate in the next big thing?”

Know Your Audience

When considering utilizing a specific social media platform it’s important to understand the demographic you are trying to target. Take Snapchat for example. I often have clients and brands inquire about using Snapchat due to its increasing level of popularity. Instead of asking “How can my brand use Snapchat?,” ask yourself “Why should my brand use Snapchat?” Let’s take a look at a few stats:

  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old

  • 45% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-24

  • 30% of US Millennial Internet Users use Snapchat regularly

  • 11% Reach of Total US Digital Population comes from Snapchat

From a quick glance it’s easy to ascertain that Snapchat caters to a younger audience. If you’re a company selling sit down showers for example, Snapchat is probably not the best way to advertise your product.

Establish Clear Goals

It’s important to first understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your brand as each social media platform will help you excel in different ways.

  • Are you a new company who’s trying to establish an online presence?

  • Are you a large corporation who needs to put an emphasis on customer care and relations?

  • Are you selling something?

  • What is the primary information you are trying relay to your fan base or customers?

Asking yourself these questions will help guide you towards the right social channel to ensure you are utilizing your time, money, and resources effectively. For example, if you’re a gourmet restaurant who frequently features unique dishes, Instagram may be the best platform for you. Or, maybe you’re a food truck always on the go, and a quick location update via Twitter is the best way to reach people.

Technological advances are a wonderful thing and while companies should certainly embrace new trends, they should be utilized for the right reasons.