A New Year’s Poem for our Social Media Marketer Friends


To our friends, colleagues and clients, who we cherish and revere

We’d like to raise our glass and make a toast to the New Year

It always bears repeating that we wish all of you well

But let us put it in a way that only we can tell:

May your Facebook fanbase grow as strong and tall as oak

while your Instagram connections flow with fine and friendly folk

May your Pinterest people pin every fun tidbit you post

and your Twitter fam Retweet all the Tweets they love the most

May your content be abundant, like a field of butterflies

and your project coordination be as fruitful as a pie

Should budgets squeeze like spandex, and worries start to mount

may chill beset the bosses who are leading the account

Let every new fan’s question be addressed in rapid time

and let every random hater be as silent as a mime

Let all your branded copy flow off the pen with ease

and every punny slogan fill your offices with cheese

We wish your Facebook pixel has the most unique events

be they Canvas ads, Carousels, whatever makes most sense

Should all your PR efforts then go off without a hitch

may millions prick their ears up at your massive news coverage

If ever you encounter a campaign that needs a spark

You know that Thin Pig’s here to help you knock it out of the park

So let’s celebrate together, in person and onscreen

as we all embark together on a great twenty-nineteen!