A Holiday Win-Win-Win!

As the holidays come into full swing, it becomes increasingly important to find the best possible ways to get your brand booming on the social media market. In our experience, "giveaways" tend to have much success in reaching and engaging a targeted audience while providing meaningful feedback for the brand -- resulting in a "win-win-win" scenario for the fans, the brand, and the social media manager. 

The Fans

Fans are the building blocks for a brand, and in a world where resources and information are limitless, it's important to keep them interested. Winning something creates an excitement that is unique to that specific fan base. It makes people feel special, and further endorses their loyalty to a brand

The Brand

Through giveaways, brands receive a surplus of free exposure through user generated content. Excited by the potential of winning something, fans will go the extra mile to provide valuable information and share the brand's social content with other people. Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit TV series Son's of Anarchy, recently released a comic book series called Lucas Stand. We wanted to give away vol. 1 of the series, but in a creative way that would embody Sutter's voice, and exemplify what it meant to be a true fan. Taking a panel from a Lucas Stand issue, we asked fans to caption the scene for a chance to win an autographed copy. The result? An influx of comments, shares, debates, and information about Sutter's past and future projects. 

The Social Media Manager

The process of a giveaway is one of the most rewarding tasks a social media manager can have. Fans are incredibly grateful to win something and being responsible for someone else's happiness is a very positive experience. For example, Fox News Channel television personality and author, Brian Kilmeade, recently had a book signing event in Jacksonville, FL. To promote the event, we offered a ticket giveaway for the event via Facebook. Fans were asked to subscribe to Kilmeade's mailing list and one lucky contestant would have the chance to meet him. Once announcement day arrived and the winner was notified of her prize, she was beyond excited and grateful for her unexpected win. Being on the giving end of this transaction was very fulfilling. Put simply: making other people feel good, feels great!

So the next time you create a holiday promotion, consider a giveaway, because then everybody wins! Have you ever won a giveaway? Tweet us @ThinPigMedia and tell us what you won!