3 Crazy Company Policies

Work from home company policies

Forward-thinking policies for modern companies will keep and attract the best talent. Policies once thought to be crazy perks to woo tech professionals are creeping into main stream business practices. As an employee, you want to be appreciated, trusted, and rewarded for solid work. As a manager, you want your business to run effectively with a high rate of productivity. Check out these 3 uncommon company policies that could be a win-win at work.

Hashtag I love My Job

Personal Social MediaStop working, start tweeting? Not many companies want employees to waste time on their personal social media accounts while at work. However, a study by SocialCast and the University of Melbourne showed that there was actually a 9% increase in worker productivity when given the freedom to surf the web at work. Respondents said they felt more efficient and 46% said it helped spark their creativity. Keep in mind though, the majority of companies surveyed did not allow employees to use social media sites during work except for business purposes. There is no need to go from one extreme to another however. The study suggests allowing a few breaks throughout the day could boost a company’s productivity. Social media is essentially the new coffee break or trip to the water cooler.

Working...On My Tan

Unlimited VacationAt first thought, unlimited vacation days sounds like a crazy idea. A full 40% of Americans won't even use all of the paid time off they have accumulated this year. Surprisingly, more companies are moving towards this policy. Netflix, Foursquare, and Tumblr are among a few that have embraced this policy. Richard Branson is the most recent CEO to adopt this policy for salaried Virgin America employees. Branson's reasoning is that completed work is a far healthier focus than the number of hours put in. Andrea Herran of Focus HR agrees. She is an advocate of the policy and believes it allows for a less stressful company environment since employees are able to recharge on their own schedule. Herran's studies have actually shown a very little increase in overall vacation days since the implementation.

Work from Home

Work From homeA recent study from Stanford researchers found that allowing employees to work from home made them not only happier but more productive. Due to a private and quieter environment, people can be more focused and effective instead of the potential for distractions in an office. It also showed that people actually put in more hours (especially earlier in the day since they didn't have to commute), took far less sick days and quit 50% less. Less turnover makes it easier to develop trust with employees. Not all companies are structured to allow their employees to work from home, however one or two days per week can be just as effective. Companies such as Xerox, United Health Group, and Dell are among the best companies with flexible work schedules.

Thin Pig Media has implemented aspects of all three of these 'crazy' new policies. We are a growing company that believes in work/life balance. Happy coworkers, happy clients!