2015 Social Media Marketing Trends

2015 social media marketing trends

2015 social media marketing trendsWhat does 2015 hold for social media marketing? Ice bucket challenges and Ello invites ruled the social media landscape for a brief time in 2014. By taking a look at these unexpected success stories we can better anticipate the future. Here are our predictions for the new year based on the trends of last year.

Video Skyrockets

The visual web is here to stay, and video is the rising star. It’s bold, draws an audience in, and is easy on the eyes if it’s done right. With the popularity of Vine, Snapchat, Instagram video, and Facebook’s auto-play feature, expect video to become an integral part of social media marketing strategy. Just last year, Facebook passed YouTube in the number of video views and uploads. Cisco predicts that 90% of all Internet traffic will be used for video by 2017.

Though video creation may seem like a daunting project, it’s easy for anyone to get started. With a smartphone and basic video editing software, you are well on your way to producing creative content. Check out this previous blog post for tips on how to shoot great video.

Online Retail Blooms

Both Twitter and Facebook experimented with “Buy” call-to-action buttons. A few brands were given beta opportunities. These two platform giants rolled out ways to safely and securely purchase sponsored products right from their apps. It’s a more simplified buying experience that could potentially eliminate the need for a separate website. It’s a growing trend in the tech industry at large. Square, and Apple’s recently launched Apple Pay, will be front runners in the race to help social media users spend money.

This will be a time-saver for online shoppers. Consumers will no longer be required to visit a separate website to see a full product assortment and endure a tedious checkout process. To take advantage of this, use social media marketing now to build and maintain genuine connections with your audience. Trusted brands with good online reputations have the most to gain in this new online retail frontier.

Chart Toppers and Indie Favorites

Last year saw a rise in popularity of alternative social networks like Ello, Yik Yak, and Snapchat. While most social media users will stick to mainstays like Facebook and Twitter, they do experiment with other networks. Research from GlobalWebIndex shows that on average, adults have 5.07 social accounts.

Despite this statistic, it is okay to limit your brand presence. No network has the current potential to compete with Facebook’s billion-strong user base, or Instagram’s 70 million daily photos. To make sure your social media marketing efforts pay off, look to the social network with users in your target demographic. Pinterest is great for the DIY crowd. Houzz is a must if you’re after interior decorators. These interest-based platforms might not get the most mainstream buzz, but their loyal users are sure to be more receptive to your messages.

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