New Year's Resolution: Avoid Cats in 2015

CATS Coffee Alcohol Tobacco Sugar

A new year, a new you? That’s what every fitness center selling memberships right now would like you to believe. It's also time to make a New Year’s resolution. This can be a reminder to break bad habits or begin good habits. Each new year is an opportunity to start fresh. To help make lasting change happen, try some of these incremental steps. No membership or activation fee required, just the determination to have your best year ever.


new year's resolution avoid catsCATS are not good for you, it’s a proven fact. And by this we mean: Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar. This is an easy-to-remember acronym for what you already know. TPM social media managers will never turn down a cup of coffee, but remember, ‘Moderation In All Things’ will help you sleep better at night. Small changes can be an easier lifestyle adjustment to make over drastic changes.

Besides moderation, elevation is another tactic to use with CATS. If you crave coffee or sweets and you don’t see yourself stopping anytime soon, buy the best quality you can afford. Instead of drinking a whole pot of coffee, hand craft the perfect cup. Enjoy the smell, the sight and the sound. Make it a ritual, make it meaningful. Go for quality over quantity.


new year's resolution avoid catsAs adults, we don’t often get to reflect on happiness. We schedule time to build careers and families -- happiness is an often missed by-product instead of a goal. Think back to when you were a kid and what made you happy. It may offer clues to what will make you happy now. Each day take the time to do one thing that makes you happy. Remind yourself before you go to sleep about a happy moment that occurred instead of your to-do list for tomorrow. Listen to a TED talk, create a Pinterest board or follow Instagram’s official account to help you explore the topic of happiness from a global view down to a personal perspective.


new year's resolution avoid catsLooking back at 2014, many of our blog topics were about productivity tools because time is precious. With the gift of more time you can be more creative and entrepreneurial with your business. Plan ahead, build and strengthen business relationships, learn what’s new in your industry...see the big picture. There are many ways to squeeze more time out of each day. Try a new app, get up earlier, delegate mundane tasks, or outsource chores like grocery shopping and cleaning. There is no magic formula, so think outside the box!

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Tweet us what you are going to do to have a great 2015 on Twitter @thinpigmedia.

*No Internet Cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. Cat memes used for illustrative purposes only, no ownership rights implied.