10 Periscope Broadcast Ideas for Your Hotel

It’s no secret that video has been gaining more and more popularity on social media in recent months. In addition to recorded video, live video streaming and broadcasting has also piqued user interest. In early 2015, Twitter introduced its live-streaming app, Periscope, to the social media world. Since Periscope’s introduction, users have been experimenting with the seemingly limitless uses for the app. Brands in particular have been experimenting with content they believe users would like to see, and how they can benefit from using the app.

Before we dive into some cool broadcast ideas for hotels, let’s first briefly review how Periscope works.

The social streaming app allows users to live broadcast video to the entire world from anywhere using a mobile phone app (available on both iOS and Android.) Users are able to stream in real-time and receive comments from viewers. If you want more details, you can also check out the site here: https://www.periscope.tv/

Idea starters for hotels looking to use Periscope:


  1. Q&A/guest feedback/focus group session
    Invite your past, present, and potential guests to provide you with valuable feedback about your property, its features, what they want to see, and more. The topics are endless. The great thing about social media is that it’s a two-way conversation between a business and its customers. Use Periscope to gain feedback in a more genuine and personal way.
  2. Guest room tour
    Have a particularly interesting guest room? Showcase that suite, or highlight the benefits of each guest room in a Periscope broadcast. Show the amenities, the awesome views, the luxurious beds, etc. Try to show the viewer how they’d feel while staying in one of your rooms.
  3. Utilize popular hashtags to create a broadcast
    Especially helpful if you’re looking to broadcast consistently, utilize the hashtag days (i.e. #ManicureMonday, #WineWednesday, #FoodieFriday, etc.) and create a broadcast around one or more of them. For example, showcase a beautiful or creative manicure from your hotel spa on #ManicureMonday. Even creating a how-to video could be an option. On #FoodieFriday, consider having a quick cooking show by one of your chefs, showcasing a new dish, perhaps.
  4. Hotel tour
    Showcase your hotel’s coolest features. Perhaps different team members provide their perspectives, and put them all in a broadcast. Show the viewer what makes your property special and why people should want to visit. Our client Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen scripted a lovely guided tour of their brand new property and presented it live on Periscope.
  5. Special events
    Celebrating a holiday? Conducting a special event? Broadcast it out to the masses for those who cannot attend. Whether it’s a weekly experience your hotel has for guests, or a once a year event, don’t miss the opportunity to show it off.
  6. Unveil a new product
    reate excitement for a new product launch or new guest feature on social media, then announce it using Periscope. Fun and creative ideas for this type of broadcast are always welcome.
  7. Behind the scenes
    Insider information is always popular. What is something cool about your hotel that many guests may not know? Share behind-the-scenes secrets, or show how beautiful pastries are made for the day, etc.
  8. Specific area tour
    Have a special pool area? Broadcast it and share cool facts about it. Have a special rooftop garden? Introduce viewers to it. You can break up your broadcasts into different categories and showcase different features of your property in each broadcast.
  9. Your meeting space
    Target a select audience with this broadcast. Broadcast your meeting spaces and conference rooms for meeting and event planners. Showcase the benefits of your meeting spaces and all of your services.
  10. Themed broadcast
    Showcase best features for different clientele. For example, create a broadcast showcasing all of the coolest features for kids staying with you. Create another live-stream of a perfect stay for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Help your potential guests plan their stays and maximize their fun.

Plan Ahead for Periscope Success

Before diving into a Periscope broadcast, you will definitely need thorough planning. Perhaps most important is to consider what your audience will want to see. Once you have your concept, create your content ideas and have some sort of structure. Consider a script or storyboard for your ideas so the broadcast is well thought-out, concise, and well planned.

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