We've Come A Long Way...Baby?

Advertising, of all kinds, truly fascinates me.  One of my earliest memories of a television commercial that I remember vividly to this day is the Purina Chuck Wagon spot where a little “dog sized” covered wagon (complete with old western cattle drive sounds effects) comes blowing by a Benji looking pooch in the living room, screams around the corner into the kitchen and magically disappears between the cabinet crack beneath the kitchen sink with the now geeked out little pup right behind. This was 1970. I was seven. My take-aways at the time:  

  1. How can a real wagon get that small and go right into the cupboard like that?
  2. How can I get one of those wagons for myself?  Christmas IS right around the corner.
  3. When they pour the warm water onto that food it actually looks tasty! Why can’t people eat it too?
  4. Those people have a nice looking house.

Granted, I wasn’t anywhere near their target demo but for whatever reason I to this day randomly think of that commercial as I work in the advertising space for real.

So, one Google/Bing/Yahoo search thing leads to another and one striking theme kept showing up when taking a closer look into the ads from the past vs. ads that find their way into the pages and screens of today.

Disclaimer: The examples included here do not represent my personal views or opinions, or those of TPM.  However, the mere fact that I must write this disclaimer is alone enough for another blog at another time.  Stay tuned.



As the saying goes…”There’s 30 minutes of my life I can’t get back”.

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