Training to the MAX

The world of design technology is constantly changing. Our tools are getting smarter and more responsive, the programs are more advanced and detailed than ever before, and there is one company that continues to sit at the forefront of it all: Adobe.

Adobe has found a way to continually develop its technologies to stay one step ahead of the creative community that uses them, which is no small feat. So, as an individual or company what’s the best way to keep up with this ever-changing technology? The basic answer is training, but the better answer is MAX.

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According to Adobe, MAX is “The Creativity Conference” where all creative types come together to learn about the newest additions to Adobe’s Creative Suite and how to better utilize its products. Adobe has put together a cast of developers, photographers, designers, directors and talented people to present at this years' MAX, which takes place in Las Vegas, from October 18 -20. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy keynotes from Jonathan Adler, Jon Favreau, Annie Griffiths, Mark Ronson and Kumail Nanjiani. There will be educational sessions with some of the top creative types in their respective fields as well as labs where you can get up-close and hands-on with all of the newest technology.

So why am I so excited about MAX this year? 

  1. Aaron Draplin from Draplin Design Co. My favorite designer, a fellow Northwest native and a crazy talented dude. Look for me in the front row during his session.

  2. Nathan Goldman & Dan Kuhlken of DKNG Studios. These guys are changing the illustration game all together with their extremely detailed and creative artwork.

  3. Last but not least, learning new skills to help develop my design, workflow and processes.

Want to know more about MAX, click here.

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