New Year, New You: 5 Work Resolutions You Can Keep

If you’re like most people, by this point in the year, you’ve either completely forgotten about your New Year’s resolution or you failed it by January 2nd. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to regroup and start one (or multiple) of these 5 resolutions you can keep.


1.     Be More Productive

Easier said than done, right? But to be more productive you don’t have to flip your work world upside down. Start small with easily achievable goals and build from there. If you typically start work at 8am, move it up 15 minutes to 7:45am. You can use these extra 15 minutes to organize your day. If you currently make 10 sales calls a day, start making 11. This will quickly become the new normal. By achieving these smaller goals you will build confidence from the successes and be more productive in the long run.



2.     Be Healthier

This can be achieved in many different ways. The obvious way is to start eating better. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go vegan or Keto or Paleo. Start by packing your lunch or meal prepping at the start of the week. By consciously making your own lunch, you can think about healthier options and not be stuck going out to eat every day. Secondly, schedule time for breaks or physical activity. Take 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon to take a walk around the office or have quiet time to yourself (no phones allowed). Getting your blood circulating and your mind focused will help relieve stress. Lastly, have a positive attitude. In the working world you might not always like your job, co-workers or clients. Looking at the positives can make your day more enjoyable and eliminate stress.

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3.     Clean Up Your Physical and Digital Clutter

It’s as easy as it sounds. Take a few minutes each day to make sure your desk and your computer are organized and setup how you like them. This can be different for everyone. As a designer, I like to have a lot of space on my desk for my hands to move around. This way I can easily jump from my keyboard to my drawing pad and have plenty of space for the mouse. With that being said, I also like to have things in my work space that inspire me and make me happy. This includes my Seattle Salmon Nut Cracker, Pete, pictures of my family, and artwork from some of my favorite designers. Lastly, take some time to clean up your digital world. Organize files and emails into folders where they can be easily found and keep your Inbox and computer desktop neat and tidy.

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4.     Learn New Skills

I’m a firm believer that the more you are learning and growing the happier you will be. This applies to the work world as well. Think of how excited you were and how much you enjoyed your job when you first started. That’s because everything was new and you were constantly learning. If you’ve hit a lull or are unhappy, this is your chance to change it. No matter what field you are in there are always opportunities to learn new skills. Take advantage of any classes your company might offer or look into opportunities within the community or online. It doesn’t always have to relate specifically to your job either. Taking classes to better understand what your colleagues or clients do will help you serve their needs. Also, it’s okay if it’s not work related. Take a cooking class after work or dust off that old ukulele and take an online tutorial. Keeping your mind active and growing will make you a better you.

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5.     Send a Thank You Note

This might seem like a silly resolution. But when working with clients or colleagues, there is always someone that deserves a “Thank You”. If hand writing a note is too old school for you, take a few minutes to send a quick email. By letting the people you work with, or for, know you appreciate them, your work relationships will become stronger, which will hopefully lead to more business coming your way. Also, it feels nice to make people feel good.


 It’s not too late. Set a resolution you can keep and make 2019 your year!