New Facebook Advertising Tools Help Small Businesses

With billions of dollars spent on Facebook advertising each year, making an imprint in the digital realm can seem like an impossible feat for a new company. Fortunately, Facebook recently made an announcement that will allow small businesses to join the advertising arena. With the thought that small businesses are “strapped” for time, (and let’s be honest, funds) Facebook has developed new tools to help them grow with automated ad campaigns, a “booking” feature, and a simple way to edit videos.

Automated Ads

After answering a few basic questions, Facebook will eliminate the burden of ad creation and strategy by developing a “customized marketing plan” for you. A few key features of automated ads include:

  • Up to 6 versions of an ad can be created with Facebook suggesting text, call-to-action buttons, and other creative aspects.

  • Facebook will perform live optimization for you by showing only the best performing version of your ad. They will also periodically notify you on how your ad is performing with suggested changes.

  • Facebook will recommend budgets and suggest audiences “based on information from your page.”

Book and Manage Appointments

The new tool will allow your customers to book appointments directly through Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also be able to manage your appointments and engage with your customers via messenger or text message. Some benefits to the new booking feature are:

  • Accessible and free for all businesses, even those who aren’t using Facebook advertising.

  • You can customize the list of services you offer.

  • Ability to sync your appointments with another personal calendar.

Video Editing Tools

It’s no secret if you want to seriously compete with other advertisers, incorporating video into your ad strategy is crucial. Facebook’s new video editing tool makes even the most inexperienced videographer look like a pro. Three new editing tools (available in Ads Manager) making editing faster and easier than ever by allowing:

  • Automatic Cropping

  • Video Trimming

  • Text/Image Overlays

Facebook’s new tools for small businesses will save companies both time and money. As more and more resources become available for online advertisers, the digital playing field continues to grow. A system this simple ensures all companies will be able to run ads regardless of their size.