My SXSW As Told Through Timelapse GIFs

Everyone and their intern has already shared articles, discussions, and photos about all the fun they had at SXSW 2018 in Austin last month. So I figured, why not throw my story out there in Timelapse GIF form? Now, it would have been quite boring to relay Timelapse GIFs of the speaker sessions and panels I went to. But SXSW is more than just learning; it’s a visceral experience for all five senses. For that reason, I decided to document my 5 favorite categories:

FLIGHT: I loved the flight from Seattle to Austin. Huge variety of landscapes and terrains. And I got to study up on my SXSW guide so I wouldn’t miss a thing. Who else actually loves flying?


FOOD: At least a dozen people told me in advance that I simply HAD to try one food or another while I was in downtown Austin. My clear favorites were Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken, Voodoo Doughnuts (originally from Portland), and Moonshine Bar & Grill. What restaurants should I have tried that I didn’t get around to?


MUSIC: These days, Austin is even more popular for its music scene than Seattle is (blasphemy!), and rightfully so. Every day and night of SXSW, live bands and singer-songwriters were packing the bars, entertaining the pedestrians, and setting a sweet mood for the whole city. The highlight for me, although it was too dark to get video, was Sassyblack who lit up the house with her cosmically funky one-woman-band vibes. Ever heard of her?


CROWDS: First off, I had never rode on the back of a pedicab bike. It’s an awesome feeling. Second, call me crazy, but I truly enjoy being somewhere that's overflowing with people who are united in a common reason to be there. Festivals, expos, conferences—I get caught up in the excitement every time. And what better place to get lost in the crowd than here?


EYE CANDY: Put simply, Austin is weird. The art, the architecture, the people—you name it. And SXSW takes full advantage of that weirdness. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that there’s something cool to look at, no matter what street you’re wandering down. For instance, have you met my baby goat friend from VICELAND?


Every SXSW attendee experiences the festival differently. What did you do in Austin that I missed? Make me jealous in the comments!

Ben RapsonComment