How to Use Instagram to Drive Sales

Upon first glance, using Instagram may seem as simple as taking a photo that is relevant to your brand. However, if you start putting more thought and effort into crafting your posts you can create more brand loyalty and drive sales. Here are 5 ways to utilize Instagram for exactly this purpose:

1.) Use Hashtags to Gain Visibility:

Don’t be shy about using hashtags. They are frequently used on Instagram and are a great way to reach new users and subsequently drive more sales. Using hashtags allow people to find your photos. It also helps you connect with customers who are buying your competitor’s products and who might potentially buy from you as well. When connecting with these potential customers make sure to show them some love by following them and liking and commenting on their photos.

2.) Use a Call to Action:

It might seem too pushy at first, but be clear about what you what your customers to do. Think about how you could potentially use a call to action to drive more sales. Instagram has recently added new features to its advertising platform, which includes call-to-action buttons that say things like “Book with us!” or “Sign up for class with us this afternoon!” These buttons make it simple and easy for your customers to buy.

3.) Write compelling copy:

Go one step beyond posting an intriguing picture and create copy that tells a story about what you’re trying to sell. This post from Hyatt Place Tijuana created a story in the mind of the reader about a potential road trip to Mexico. Although it works to be candid about what you want your customers to do, subtlety married with creativity can also go a long way.

4.) Use Video Content:

Know your audience and create video content that is similar to the types of content that the brand’s fans are taking themselves. You don’t want your videos to be similar to traditional commercials.  Your videos should be simple, yet compelling and shorter than 15 seconds. Sharing videos on your site is just another diverse medium that you can use to communicate a message with your audience and help encourage them to buy.

5.) Work with Influencers:

Influencers have a large group of followers and others seek them for advice on what to buy. In a way, they’re like modern day celebrities. After you’ve done your research to figure out who those influencers are, you can work with them in order to help expand your followers and raise sales. You can collaborate with them by regramming their content and getting them to repost yours as well. REI does a stellar job of not only posting their own content, but regramming others as well.

**Another great way to leverage influencers is to include them in one of your Instagram contests. Make sure that when you pitch the giveaway idea to them that you clearly explain the value in partnering with your company. Get creative about the ways in which you can reach out and work with influencers.

It’s important to continually think strategically about the content you are pushing out to consumers. Instagram is only going to continue to shift to a social platform that allows brands to drive sales and engagement with their brand. How are you using Instagram to increase sales? Do you have any favorite brands on Instagram that you think are using these tactics well? Let's share more ideas on our latest Instagram post @ThinPigMedia

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