Halloween Costume Inspiration for Social Media Geeks

Halloween is less than a week away! Still looking for that last-minute Halloween costume? Channel your love for all things social and digital into a clever Halloween costume. Check out the costumes below for inspiration, and let us know if your costume is even better!


Want a costume that people will be guaranteed to "Like"? Check out these creative ideas for dressing up as Facebook.


A little birdie told me these costumes will be guaranteed to be a hoot.


Need a costume that will be totally photo-worthy? Get inspired by these Instagram costumes - they are sure to have people clicking the heart.


If you are a hopeless romantic, this might be the perfect match. Swipe right on this costume idea.

Internet Browsers

The browser wars might be over, but you can still show your allegiance by dressing up as your favorite browser.


With hundreds of different emojis, there is no shortage of ideas to get your creativity flowing by dressing up as your favorite emoji.

Extra, Extra Scary Costumes

Whether you're a PC or a Mac type of person, these two costumes will be sure to frighten!