Drive Website Traffic with LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn PublisherWe work with several customers to optimize and manage their company LinkedIn pages. One client in particular has done a great job building up their community. The key we found is to consistently share great content. Recently, one of their managers started to post via the LinkedIn Publisher tool. We highly encourage this. Traffic to their website increased noticeably from our combined efforts on LinkedIn.

Are you better off posting content as a company update or through LinkedIn Publisher via individual team members?

While there are undoubtedly different schools of thought on the topic, our answer is ‘both.' We think best practice is to have authors post via LinkedIn Publisher and then share that piece of content as a company update for the following reasons:

• The content shows up via the LinkedIn Publisher tool and it goes one step farther to demonstrate technical expertise and promote credibility. • The more a piece of content gets shared and viewed, the more likely LinkedIn will add it to the newsfeed. This reaches people that are outside of your network! • Company updates are limited to 600 characters total. • A long form post looks more attractive in LinkedIn Publisher than a post update. • Analytics are available to measure success. Hopefully this will encourage and motivate more of your team to create and share their own content with LinkedIn Publisher.

How much, if any, supervision/approval process is in place for employee created content?

Conduct training about the benefits, uses, and company guidelines regarding LinkedIn and LinkedIn Publisher. Many companies have never had an internal discussion to develop a standard operating procedure for LinkedIn. This is a great place to start. Certainly, there will be team members who don’t want or care about company rules regarding their personal LinkedIn profile. We get that, but we have also found that the majority of folks want to help out the company page, and weren't sure how to do it.

There's always room to improve your company LinkedIn page. Find us on Twitter @ThinPigMedia, our virtual water cooler, to discuss ways to get started!