Adobe CS: Breaking Down the 'Other' Programs in the Suite

If you're like me you’ve looked at the most recent Adobe Creative Suite (or any version of it really) and have been a little overwhelmed. What do all of these programs do anyway? Do I really need any of them?

I feel like most of us have a decent understanding of the key players:

  • Photoshop (photo manipulation and post-production editing)
  • InDesign (layout creation for print & digital)
  • Illustrator (creating vector images)
  • Acrobat (viewing, creating & manipulating PDF files)  

However, the other programs offered might be a little foggy, above your pay grade or just plain confusing. Here’s a quick explanation of a few of the other programs and how they can help take your business to the next level:



Lightroom is used for storage, processing, and editing of photos. It’s an online photo library accessible from your computer, web, and/or mobile device.  This is an ideal program for organizing your photos for various projects or clients, as well as sharing them with multiple team members at once.  

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is used to cut and edit video tracks. This is great for creating videos for social media, YouTube, website landing pages, etc. You can add titles and other elements from the Adobe Suite to make these videos more interesting, too. Videos are a great way to bring life to your brand or promote new products.

Adobe Muse

Muse is a basic web-building app (in comparison to Dreamweaver, Wordpress, etc.) Muse gives you the ability to design unique websites without having to know how to write code.  Within Muse, you have direct access to Adobe products such as Typekit and Stock Service to make the design process simple and easy. Also, Muse sites will quickly load, work across multiple platforms, and can be found by Google.  Learning Muse can be a quick and easy way to build or update your website for a fresh new look.


Adobe Edge Animate

Edge Animate is used to create interactive HTML animations. These animations can be created for web, digital, and rich media, as well as other applications for both web and mobile.  Animation offers a very creative and fun way to tell a story. Like traditional video, it is also a great way to bring life to your brand.  Click here to learn more about the process of making an animation.

Although these are just a few of the 20+ programs offered in the Adobe Creative suite, hopefully this will spark some interest in growing your current Adobe tool belt.  

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