Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.  There are a myriad of different social platform options for your business. Time equals money though, and there simply are not enough hours in the day to have an effective presence on every social site.

That’s why it’s important to choose which social platforms will be best for your business to utilize. Instead of having a mediocre presence on multiple sites, it’s better to be stellar on just a few. So how do you decide which platforms are worth it for your business?


Still holding on as the most popular social platform, Facebook is a great place for your business to get started on social. It’s a great place to find and build a strong community presence. Most businesses will benefit from a presence on Facebook. Just remember that the goal is not to constantly sell but to tell the story behind the logo. And, although organic reach on Facebook has gone down significantly since the beginning of the year, Facebook advertisements are cost effective and highly targeted which makes it easier to reach your target customer base.

  • You want to run highly targeted and cost effective ads
  • You want to build close relationships with your customers
  • You want immediate feedback from your customers
  • You want to build brand loyalty


Just like Facebook, Twitter is a great place to engage with your customers. It feels “in the moment” much like a text message.  If you want to respond to and engage in real time with potential customers, then Twitter is the right place for your business. Once you have connected with your customers, be open to feedback about your product and/or services. It’s a public opportunity to showcase your customer service.

  • You want to quickly and effectively send out brand updates
  • You want to drive traffic to your website
  • You want to effectively monitor your brand’s reputation
  • You want to easily gather real-time competitive research


LinkedIn is worthwhile if you want to increase your B2B networking opportunities in a professional setting. According to a study done by LinkedIn, this social platform represents the oldest age demographic with over 100 million users over age 50. Having a presence on LinkedIn can potentially help you attract new clients, generate new leads, and be part of industry-specific online communities.

  • You want to attract business clients
  • You want to generate new leads
  • Your business has products and services that can be easily showcased on LinkedIn.
  • Your target market looks for information about companies relevant to them


Many companies have found a place on Pinterest, but success on this site greatly depends on your company’s ability to post visually appealing content and cater to your demographic.  According to a study done by the Pew Research center, 42% of women online are Pinterest users, compared with just 13% of men online. Pinterest reduces the number of steps that it takes a customer to get from discovery to purchase, making it incredibly easy to convert leads into sales.

  • You want to convert browsers into buyers
  • You want to drive more traffic to your website
  • You want to discover what your customers like
  • Retail products are the core of your business


Instagram has more engagement than Facebook and Twitter and 300 million monthly active users. If you have great visual assets and you’re not marketing on Instagram then your business is missing out. Consumers want to share their stories and experiences through visual media and your business can too.

  • You want to connect and interact with both current and potential customers
  • Your brand has plenty of visually appealing content
  • Your demographic is younger (core Instagram’s users are between 18 - 34).
  • You want to effectively use video to capture your audience’s attention


Picking the right social platforms for your business is important. Spend time looking at demographics before you invest. It is a long term strategy to connect and keep an engaged audience by being social. ROI sometimes takes a back seat. It takes a steady commitment to be on any platform and your social accounts will only be as successful as your own interest and involvement. It’s sounds simple, but it’s not easy! Let’s talk more on Twitter @ThinPigMedia